Series One Design

Reliability By Design

Every aspect of a Series One guitar amplifier is designed to deliver not only the ultimate tonal performance, but also reliability capable of withstanding the rigours of life on the road.

Our Technical Director Bruce Keir has been designing valve amplifiers since he was a child and it is obsession with no-compromise design that leads our R&D team to excel in all areas of the construction of Series One amps.


Series One Chassis

The chassis of all the Series One amps are made out of seam welded 1.6mm steel for tank-like strength.


Series One Cabinet

The wooden cabinets of Series One heads and speaker enclosures are constructed from 18mm finger-jointed birch ply. They are rigorously tested to ensure they really will hold up against anything you throw at them.


Series One PCB

All Series One amplifiers have plated-through double-sided PCBs for increased mechanical integrity. In addition to using heavier copper on the output valve PCBs due to the increased current load, the anodes of all the output valves are handwired and sleeved with neoprene to minimize the risk of discharge to adjacent connections due to the extremely high supply voltages. High quality locking connectors are used throughout.

De-Rated Components

All Blackstar products are designed for maximum reliability and Series One guitar amps are no exception. Therefore, all power-dissipating components are de-rated significantly to extend their lifetime and hence increasing reliability.

As a standard part of our design process all amplifiers are thoroughly endurance tested on custom-designed automated test equipment to replicate many years of real life use in a few days of laboratory testing.


Series One Transformers

Output Transformers

The design of the output transformers in a valve amplifier is critical to ensuring a highly responsive feel and a full, natural frequency response.

All the Series One output transformers are constructed using laminations made of the highest grade, grain oriented steel. This minimises core losses and ensures optimum fidelity and dynamics.

The largest number of turns ensures the maximum primary inductance and hence an extended bottom-end.

Mains Transformer

Again the Series One mains transformers are constructed using laminations made of the highest grade, grain oriented steel. In this case, this minimises stray magnetic fields, which can be a source of unwanted noise and hum.

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