Do you wanna get rocked?

Introducing the Def Leppard 3 Bluetooth

The Def Leppard 3 Bluetooth is the ultimate take anywhere mini amp/speaker for Def Leppard fans.

This officially licensed product has wireless Bluetooth connectivity and innovative sound design, so your Def Leppard albums will sound great wherever and whenever the mood takes you. When you want to play along, just plug in your guitar and express yourself.

This amazing mini amp is designed and engineered by Blackstar UK, whose amps are seen at festivals and stages all over the globe, being used by some of the best guitarists including the legendary Phil Collen.

With the iconic Hysteria artwork on the grille, custom Def Leppard panel and full colour collector's gift carton, this is a must for all Def Leppard fans. Now you can have the look and the tone… on the Fly.

  • - 6.5 million social media followers worldwide
  • - 100,000,000 records sold
  • - World tour in 2019
Phil Collen - Def Leppard


  • Def Leppard 3 Bluetooth

    Def Leppard 3 Bluetooth Specification

    • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
    • Def Leppard Hysteria grille and pane
    • Full colour Def Leppard collector's gift carton
    • 3 Watts
    • 2 channels – Clean / Overdrive
    • Revolutionary sonic performance
    • Digital 'tape' delay
    • Patented ISF
    • Battery or DC powered
    • MP3 / Line In for jamming along or listening to music
    • Emulated Line Out for 'silent' practice or recording

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