Blackstar Patents - TVP Response and Tones You Can Get

Blackstar Patents - TVP Response and Tones You Can Get

If you own a Silverline or an ID:TVP Blackstar amp, you will have access to the TVP Response feature. TVP stands for True Valve Power.

TVP is a Blackstar patent that accurately recreates the tone, feel and power of a real valve amp.

If you already own, or have played a valve amp, you will know that the amp produces natural distortion and sag when it use. This gives the amplifier a bold and harmonically rich tone. TVP reproduces the behaviour of different output valve types and the way that they would specifically interact with the amplifiers speaker and output transformer.

TVP also drives a higher voltage across the amplifiers speaker at certain frequencies which means the sound you hear is Loud as Valve.

On your TVP loaded amp, you will find 6 different tube responses that can be found in a range of classic and boutique amplifiers. The response types are ordered with the most compressed and spongy feeling (EL84) at the bottom and the highest headroom (KT88) at the top.

As you go up the response types the amp will feel more open and bolder, and the lower responses will feel spongier and be pushed into natural overdrive easier.


Response 1 - EL84

EL84 tubes full bodied with a bell like characteristic. They are a Class A style response with lots of compression. When you crank them up, the guitar will feel spongy.

If you select EL84 as your response and pair it with a medium gain Crunch voice and the ISF over to the British sound, you can dial in a great 70s British Rock tone (Think Queen’s guitarist Brian May!).


Response 2 – 6V6

The 6V6 response is another high compression, Class A style response with a very tight midrange. It’s crisper in the top end than an EL84.

If you mix the 6V6 response with the Clean Bright voice (Max the gain and channel volume) and the ISF to the American side, you get a great blues and rock and roll tone. Think small, American combo amps pushed to their limit.


Response 3 - EL34

The EL34 is the archetypal British sounding tube. If you think of classic British tone, the EL34 is often close at hand. This is a Class A/B style response that is very full bodied with a soft clipping.

If you pair this with the ISF set to the British side, dial in a medium crunch tone and play a guitar with humbuckers, you’ll be transported right into the 1970’s UK Classic Rock scene. This tone will allow you to pull out your best Jimmy Page riffs and licks.


Response 4 - KT66

If the 1960’s British Blues Invasion is more your thing, then check out the KT66 response. KT66 tubes are rich and warm sounding Class A/B tones with a vintage British vibe. They have a hot-biased feel. Think of small, British voiced combo amps being pushed at far as they can go.

Pair this with the ISF in the British position and a low gain Crunch and you’ll be pulling out all your best 1960’s Eric Clapton licks in no time.


Response 5 - 6L6

6L6 tubes are incredible versatile. This response is dynamic and tight. You can expect some extended low end punch and high end sparkle with this response selected. This Class A/B tube type is best paired with an American voiced amp.

If you dial in a tone using the Clean Warm voice, the with American position selected for the ISF, we can get in the ball park of that high headroom, sparkling clean John Mayer style tone.


If you take that same tone and push the gain and level you get a great broken up tone. Perfect for playing all those cool Rolling Stones riffs in your archive.


On the total opposite end of the spectrum, if you flip to the OD1 voice and pull out a guitar with high output humbuckers, you’ll be taken straight to a fat, punchy American metal tone. Think early 90s Metallica. Big, bold tones with tons of low end grunt.


Response 6 - KT88

The final response type is the KT88. This is the highest headroom response available. This Class A/B tube style is very tight and controlled in the low end but very dynamic at the top. This works great for higher headroom British blues rock tones and classic rock riffs. Even with overdrive dialled in, chords still retain all their clarity and you can hear every note you play.

Pair this with the Crunch voice and the ISF over to the British side, dial the gain back to about 10 o’clock and play some rockin’ AC/DC riffs!


If the NWOBHM is more your thing, that’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal for anyone who hasn’t seen that acronym before, then check this out.

Flip to the OD2 voice, grab your Super Strat guitars and get ready to rock. You’ll be taken straight to a mid 1980’s Iron Maiden style tone. This is a warm, punchy British rock tone.

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