Silverline Built in FX – How to Use Them

Silverline Built in FX – How to Use Them

When dialling in a perfect tone, guitar players often reach for effects to compliment the core tone of their amp, but if you’re new to the world of effects, where do you even start?

The Silverline series has a bunch of built in effects that you can use with your basic clean or overdriven tone to take it to another level.

The amp has 4 different modulation types, 4 different delay types and 4 different reverb types. You can mix and match these with one from each group active at any time.


• Phaser
• Flanger
• Chorus
• Tremolo


• Linear (Digital)
• Analogue
• Tape
• Multi


• Room
• Hall
• Spring
• Plate

Using combinations of these effects, you can dial in some pretty unique tones.

In the video there are a few examples of how you can use the effects to add textures to your sound.

Shimmering Clean Tone

Using a bright clean tone, you can add reverb and chorus to create a great shimmering, moving tone. This is great for clean picked chords and is inspired by an 80s style clean guitar tone.

The chorus thickens and widens the notes so as you play single notes, they sound fuller.

80s Rock Tone

If you play with an overdriven tone, you can apply some chorus and delay to thicken the tone.

Using a chorus on an overdriven tone will add a slight detuning effect. This creates the illusion of a second guitar player also playing at the same time. This is great for making your riffs feel bigger.

If you add a little short, slapback delay you can also create a sense of thickening and width in your tone. Combined these give you a great 80s rock tone.

If you want to take this tone into more of a metal sound, crank the gain and reduce the chorus effect.

Modulated Lead Guitar Tone

This is a great, soaring lead guitar tone. It uses the same slapback delay from the previous tone, but with some added Hall Reverb.

If you then add a subtle Phaser, you will get a lead tone that moves and reacts to your picking. Phaser is great for using with single note runs. The movement of the phasing effect creates some additional pick articulation when playing faster runs.

Fake Leslie Style Tones

The Silverline doesn’t have a rotary speaker simulator built in but using the Tremolo effect set subtle as shown in the video, you can simulate this style of tone.

Use the tap tempo switch to tap it to your song. Rotary speakers usually have a fast and slow setting so you can choose which style you want to tap in to make your guitar parts move and swirl.

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