Yui - Cynthia

About Yui

Cyntia is an all-female Japanese heavy metal band formed in 2011. Guitarist Yui and drummer Kanoko formed Cyntia in April 2011, after meeting on the set of a music video by Liv Moon. In the summer they recruited keyboardist Ayano and bassist Airi, who were followed by vocalist and formeridol Saki in November after holding auditions. The name Cyntia is the English pronunciation of Cynthia, another name for the Greek goddess Artemis. Their debut single, "Run to the Future", was released in April 2012 on Bright Star Records,[2] which was formed by fellow all-female metal band Aldious. Shortly after, Airi paused activities due to ill health and Azu from LAZYgunsBRISKY was chosen as support bassist. Airi officially left the group in June, but the band released their first album Endless World in September. Azu became a full member in November.

The S1-104EL34 has a good picking response with massive mid-low range tone. It has clear tone even with a distorted sound. It has a lot of flexibility with 4 channels from Clean to Drive. This is what I'm looking for!