Tom Martyniak - Dead on Time

About Tom Martyniak

Dead on Time performs new wave punk with plenty of electronics and crazy arrangements. Influenced by classic rock and grunge, reveals a big potential and sonic identity. Unique feature of their sound are syncopated heavy riffs, which makes their songs filled with tensity. Combined clean and distorted vocals are crossing between melodic and hard-core vibes. Spotted by Ross Robinson on the European Music Fair, played aside Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Mastodon, Within Temptation, Apocaliptyca, Volbeat, Bad Religion and many others since 2010. Now they are supported by Blackstar and sounding even better!

HT-20 gives me sonic versatility in studio, HT-40 gives me power and the tone on stage.<br /> Both cut through the mix and stay present, every time, in the right place.