Tarq Bowen

About Tarq Bowen

Forging a sound which takes in folk, country and blues, with a style and delivery which has invited comparisons with Tim Buckley and Jim Morrison as well as calling to mind Johnny Cash and Ray Charles, Tarq Bowen is the definitive singer-songwriter with a vintage yet modern feel, creating music which doesn't fit into genre categorization but which makes sense as soon as you hear it. With an energy-defying current one-man live set-up, aided by a self-crafted stomp box and appearances from harmonica and tambourine, together with some beautifully precise and lyrical slide guitar, this is a live artist not to be missed.

The Artisan 15 Head delivered on all accounts, Class A tone packing a punch when you drive the valves, as far as quality goes I wouldn't use anything else but! As for convenience, this beefy piece of machinery is light enough to take with you wherever you go!