Sascha Gerstner - Helloween

About Sascha Gerstner

Sascha Gerstner is a German musician and songwriter, best known as one of the guitarists and backing vocalists of power metal band Helloween since 2003. He is also a former member of Freedom Call.

Gerstner grew up in Stuttgart, Germany. He started playing keyboards at the age of six and switched to playing guitar when he was thirteen. His main musical influences were the Michael Schenker Group, Dokken, Pretty Maids, Toto, Bad English, and Journey.

In 1996, Gerstner joined the cover band scene in South Germany, where he met his former band mates from Freedom Call. He joined Freedom Call in 1998, with whom he recorded two albums and did three big tours in Europe before leaving in 2001.

After leaving Freedom Call, Gerstner co-founded a recording studio and worked as a producer and songwriter for other young artists until Helloween producer Charlie Bauerfeind contacted him and introduced him to guitarist Michael Weikath. In 2003, Gerstner joined Helloween. Aside from his work in Helloween, he also runs his own recording and mixing studio called G-Tracks.

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