Sam Jackson - Viva Brother

About Sam Jackson

Viva Brother were an indie rock band from Slough, England. Previously known as Brother, they signed to Geffen Records in October and EMI Publishing in November 2010. Their debut album, Famous First Words, was released on August 1, 2011, and reached #34 on the UK Albums Chart. It was confirmed on 1 April 2012 that Viva Brother had split up. In June 2012, the band members launched a new band, the synthpop group Lovelife.

I tried the Series One 50 in a soundcheck at the start of a UK tour and it sounded so great I stopped using my old set up. The two clean channels with their own gain controls are great, they're just so smooth, like a river flowing through a forest. The first Crunch channel's great for rhythm and the Super Crunch channel is so powerful it makes me feel like an enormous giant standing on a mountain. Lush.