Sal Costa - My Darkest Days

About Sal Costa

The band was founded by Matt Walst in 2005, who was born in Norwood, Ontario, and whose older brother, Brad Walst, is the bassistfor Canadian rock band, Three Days Grace. Instead of playing in his brother's band, Matt decided to form one of his own with his friends Brendan McMillan on bass guitar, Doug Oliver on drums, and Chris McMillan on lead guitar. The talented Chris McMillan left the band and became an electrician being replaced by Paulo Nesta. In 2009, a friend introduced Walst to Toronto–based singer–guitarist Sal Costa, who later became the band's guitarist, replacing Paulo Neta, who became the guitarist for Thornley. However, the departure of Sal was confirmed on the website in a post dated January 9, 2013.

I think I'm in love. I sat with the Bush and Nickelback techs and A/B'd my other amp and the Blackstar. Let's just say, ten minutes before the show I pulled my old amp and got my tech to pack it away. I think it'll be packed away for good.