Rebecca Downes

About Rebecca Downes

Winners of the Best Female Vocalist and Best Emerging Artist at the British Blues Awards 2016, Birmingham-based Rebecca and her band are a ‘must see’ live act that often leaves newcomers simply blown away by the power of the performance.  With her co-writer Steve Birkett alongside her, a very tight band behind, and Rebecca’s powerful voice to the fore, the 5-piece outfit performs original tracks from the EP Real Life, the highly-acclaimed debut album Back To The Start and the superb second album Believe, punctuated by a few classic covers.  The core of their music is the Blues, but they embrace elements of rock, soul, funk and jazz to deliver an exciting, passionate set.

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The Blackstar HT Club 40 has a really deep full resonance, a rich reverb and a classic valve sound to rival boutique amps at twice the price