Paul Lamb

About Paul Lamb

Paul grew up in Detroit, listening to a mix of great rock radio like Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton and drew from other outside influences like Hendrix and Stevie Ray as he began to play guitar. After travelling the country seeking out his musical soul and playing with the best of the best, Paul has finally found what he was looking for right here at home.

Listening to Paul Lamb and the Detroit Breakdown is a musical time capsule. It will take you through the drive and riffs of the 70’s, but also has the modern pulse that comes from recording at the legendary Rust Belt Studios(Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker) that keeps it all fresh. He’s not rehashing a memory, he’s brought this music to life.

The Artisan 30H has mind bending tonal flexibility. I can go from pristine clean to down right rude valve crunch. The five way bass which is genius and I can also channel blend. When I grow up I want to be just like my Blackstar A30H.......FAT and RICH.