Paul Allender - White Empress

About Paul Allender

In 2013, Allender was involved with the formation of a new project named "White Empress". In an interview with "The Age of Metal", White Empress vocalist Mary Zimmer (formerly of Luna Mortis), said:

Paul and I actually have a number of mutual friends and acquaintances and it was Melissa Ferlaak of Plague of Stars (formerly of Visions of Atlantis, Aesma Daeva, Echoterra) who put us in touch with each other. We talked about working on some new music together and he set me the instrumental tracks he'd been working on. They were phenomenal and I decided to lay down vocals for 3 songs. Everything went really well together and we made an official band. White Empress is really all about the concept of "The Empress". The entire band is in essence "The Empress". She's her own creative concept, her own image, her own identity that comes from all of us in the band (meaning I'm not the Empress, necessarily). White Empress is an entire band with a fantasy avatar. It's visual and audio all tied into one huge concept. The band is fantastic, we all contribute equally to the creative process and we've come up with some amazing things for everyone. The Empress is Coming!!

An EP was released in January 2014. Their debut album - Rise of the Empress - was released through Peaceville Records on 29 September 2014. It was initially funded through a Pledge Music campaign. The album has so far received a mostly positive reception. Allender is focussing completely on White Empress, since his departure from Cradle of Filth in April 2014.

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