Patricio Stiglich - Patricio Stiglich Project

About Patricio Stiglich

One of the most relevant names in Colombia in the hard rock and metal scene, Patricio Stiglich and his band PSP (Patricio Stiglich Project) has a large list of accomplishments such as being the opening act for Alan Parsons Live Project, Megadeth and System of a Down, 2 performances at Rock al parque (2010, 2012) and a hit single in his native Colombia. After 5 years and 3 studio albums (Patricio Stiglich Project in 2010, Bloodline in 2013 and True Colors in 2015), PSP received several positive criticism including Megadeth's Dave Mustaine words: "We raced back to the hotel to make any last minute preparations, and headed back to the venue and our support band was playing - Patricio Stiglich - and this kid absolutely smoked! He reminded me of Eric Johnson, but with grit!

Patricio is a renowned guitar instructor with more than 10 years of experience at several universities and musical institutions. He is also known as a music producer, composer, arranger, transcriber and sought-after tour and studio player.

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