Nick Crutchley - Dead Sea Skulls

About Nick Crutchley

Dead Sea Skulls were born in early 2013, the brainchild of brothers Jimi and Nick Crutchley and
percussionist Ash Sheehan.

Their sound is loud, gnarly, raw, passionate, energetic and radio friendly enough to push them to the
forefront of new music. Ash, a wizard on the drums with strong, naturally raw vocals, plays front and centre.
Coupled with Jimi & Nick on bass and guitar this band’s Live show is a visual and aural “Riot” that you won't
be able to tear yourself away from.

Theres nothin better to me than this amp cranked to F$#k, teamed with P90s...It makes me sound like Malcolm Young!!... thats all I can say! Im a happy boy!