Lu Edmonds - Public Image Ltd.

About Lu Edmonds

Robert David "Lu" Edmonds (born 9 September 1957) is an English rock and folk musician. He is currently a vocalist and saz player in The Mekons and the lead guitarist for Public Image Limited. Growing up abroad in Poland, South America, Russia and Cyprus, Edmonds was educated in local schools and at Ampleforth College.

Edmonds first came to prominence as a member of The Damned, playing guitar on their second album, 1977's Music For Pleasure. It was the rest of the band that nicknamed him "Lu"—short for "Lunatic".

Plug in, get a level, set the tone controls, play. No fiddling about, no scratching of the head. The Blackstar Artisan 30 is amazingly consistent - always loud (but sensitive) and clean (but dirty) - that's my idea of an amp.