Kirk McKim - Pat Travers Band

About Kirk McKim

Born in 1965 in Pasadena, Texas across the street from the famed “Gilley`s” nightclub. Kirk McKim began playing guitar at age 14 during the height of the 70`s hard rock guitar era. Early influences and inspiration came from his older brother. The sounds of Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Pat Travers Band filled the house pumping from the Pioneer Stereo. A typical day at the McKim household.

In the early 2000`s, Kirk moved to LA and worked with Ken Karman and Rick Garcia. Top composers and music editors in Hollywood. In 2005, Kirk got a call from Pat Travers, whom he had met at a gig in Florida. He made the jump and joined the band.  He has recorded 2 records with the Pat Travers Band, “stick with what you know” live in 2006 and “fidelis” on Alexus records in 2008.

Kirk continues to bring his musicality to the table and is a great fit to the Pat Travers Band.

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