Katalina Gonzalez

About Katalina Gonzalez

Considered the top female exponent of lead guitar on a professional level in Colombia, she has a long history as a guitarist on stage with big national and international artists. She has participated in important festivals on a national level such as: JAZZ Al PARQUE 2015 FESTIVAL, INTERNACIONAL DE LA GUITARRA EN CARTAGENA 2014, MEDELLIN GUITAR MASTERS 2013, among others. She is the first female guitarist to put out an instrumental album as a soloist. She has put out four separate works, and is currently working on her next musical production.

I chose the Blackstar HT Club 40 because it’s an excellent option for live use, and also for the studio. It offers two types of clean tones, which guarantee a neat, round and clear sound. This amp has four tubes which warm up the sound making it fat