Josh Wreford - I Divide

About Josh Wreford

The band was formed in 2011 in Exeter, England with original members; Kristen Hughes, Dave Mooney, Tom Kavanagh, Henry Selley and Josh Wreford.

They released their first mini album, titled 'What's Worth More', the same year in October independently. After the release, the band entered the Red Bull'Bedroom Jam' tenement in early 2014, and in April, the band won the tournament, making them the 12th band to do so. Later that year, the band was announced as a support act for Funeral for a Friend's UK tour during January and February 2013. The band signed to 'Destroy Everything Records' in March 2013 when the label itself was announced.

The Blackstar Series One 1046L6 gives me so much control over my tone compared to amps I've used in the past. It has so much bite in every channel.