Jonny Foxhall - Incursion

About Jonny Foxhall

After a cock up with a time fluctuation gate, the three members came to be in this current dimension, and as such go forth with their tales of the apocalypse in the form of a metal band.

Since forming in 2015 "Incursion" have played with international bands, reached the finals of "Bloodstock" Festival's "Metal 2 The Masses" South Wales, Battled to the finals of Mammothfest best band 2018, gained endorsement from "Blackstar Amplification ( "Vocalzone" (, performed across the U.K. and have had airplay on radio stations such as BBC, Metalheadz Radio, Radio Roach & Monday Night Void."

With shifting dimensions alot with Incursion, Blackstar's Series 1 brings that aggressive tone with me wherever I go, and always packs that punch I need for our style of performing!