Jean-Yves Girard - Eltharia

About Jean-Yves Girard

Eltharia is a french power metal band founded en 2001 by Jean-Yves Girard, Benjamin Nicolino et Laure Roussel-Girard.

I’ve been playing a Blackstar Series One 104EL34 amplifier for 5 years, and the more years go by, the more I feel comfortable with it. I’ve chosen this particular model for its versatility, its incredible presence on stage and a wide range of sounds in studio. On stage, the amp naturally finds its place among the other instruments. The ISF enables me to have a typical clean british sound, very sweet by using the warm option, while using a bitting US sound on the OD1 and OD2. The super crunch is just gorgeous to play US BIG ROCK! What I truly appreciate is also the shades between overdrives. While the OD1 has a perfect medium range for rythm guitars, the OD2
is deeper, perfect for solos. The DPR power reducer is for me a very interesting option as far as I can play at home, at a very low volume but with a stage setup, and still feel the sensational OD1 and OD2 grain. The Series One 104 integrates midi, so I can steer the different channels through a looper switcher, extremely useful on stage!

I love my amp for its efficiency on stage and in studio. And for this reason, the day i’ll change is not ready to come.