Jared James Nichols

About Jared James Nichols

Originally from Wisconsin, he is affectionately described as a shredder amongst his friends and colleagues in Los Angeles where he now resides. Blues and classic Rock n Roll embodied, Jared is as a very welcome addition to the new wave of Classic Rock & R&B influenced acts like Gary Clark Jr., Vintage Trouble, Rival Sons & The Stone Foxes with a work ethic and charisma that is virtually unmatched. Jared gets down to the nitty-gritty with songs that hit close to home, touching on the timeless blues aesthetic in every way possible while still managing to put his own thoughtful twist on it. He keeps that sound pumping, turning any room into an instant party between stunned looks from mesmerizing guitar licks.

It’s got grit, grind, and makes the hair stand on my neck. From moaning blues to full-out assault, the Artist 30 can handle anything I dish out.