James Frankland

About James Frankland

Designing the ‘Clean Up’ patch for Blackstar’s Silverline Series in 2019, James is a UK based guitarist who has worked with a number of artists live and in the studio, as well as working as a freelance gear demonstrator for a number of major companies.  Having started playing guitar at the age of 7 James’ taste in music is as widespread as his taste in guitars and enjoys playing anything from pop to country to rock.  He has played in his fair share of musicals in Manchester and London’s West End, including Hair, Spring Awakening and Tick Tick Boom, along with a memorable performance at the Royal Albert Hall in the Music for Youth Proms at the age of 22.

2020 will be an exciting year for James as he sees the release of his signature guitar built by North West luthier John Ambler of Ambler Custom Guitars, which he will be pairing with the Blackstar Artist 15, both live and in the studio.  This year also sees the release of his debut album, which he describes as an ‘amalgamation of all musics, with orchestral sections flowing into acoustic piano and guitar arrangements, followed by heavy drop tuned riffs, with sections where one note over 10 seconds is appropriate and others where 10 notes in one second is equally justified.

The Artist 15 is a great vintage sounding amp and a perfect pedal platform!