Graham Hulbert - Our Man in the Bronze Age

About Graham Hulbert

The UK’s Our Man In The Bronze Age began around 2004 as a faceless, doom-laden side project with a revolving door of musicians, spewing forth an unrelenting assault of guitar riffs and intricate instrumental melodies.

Their current iteration is somewhat more settled, seeing the three-way guitar assault and dark stage theatrics give way to a more lush sound of sweeping four-part vocal harmonies and deftly played piano sections – the idea being to create a piece of work full of light and dark movements, story-telling and versatile musicianship.

The Blackstar Series One 1046L6 is pretty much the perfect amp for my setup, each channel has a really useable character which makes it easy to dial in my sound every time I plug in. I need an amp that can go from one sonic extreme to the other while also being road reliable, in those and many others aspects the Series One is bang on!