Darren Teh - An Honest Mistake

About Darren Teh

Darren Teh is the lead vocalist and guitarist in 'An Honest Mistake'.

Malaysia's An Honest Mistake has been nothing short of impressive ever since their debut in 2008. The band, headed up by organizer, lecturer, and musician, Darren Teh, may have seen quite a number of personnel changes ever since their inception, but their penchant for creating catchy earworms has remained the same - in fact, it's evolved. 

And no wonder. After three albums, countless tours including several trips to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, the band has matured to create a multi-faceted sound that can range from summery easycore to emotional ballads, and the odd pulse-pounding screamo song or two.

The HT STUDIO 20H is small and lightweight but has the tone of a mean 24 wheeler. The ISF gives me the best of both worlds with US and UK tones.