Danilo Vicari

About Danilo Vicari

Danilo Vicari (born in 1993) is an Italian musician and content creator.
He started to play guitar at the age of 14 and never stopped since then, attending two different music academy: Lizard and RGA By Donato Begotti.

His Youtube channel blew up in 2018 and became very popular, reaching almost 250’000 subscribers and more than 60’000’000 views.
Thanks to his strong social media presence on Youtube and Instagram he was able to get in touch with amazing artist such Zakk Wylde, Todd Kerns and Slash.

I started playing Blackstar in 2015 and the original HT5 sticked with me for years and and I always thought it was the best amp ever for home practicing and recording… until the HT5 MKII came out and proved me wrong