Damian Tapley - ME

About Damian Tapley

ME were an Australian rock band formed in Melbourne in 2008 composed of Luke Ferris (vocals, guitar, piano), Michael Godde (bass, backing vocals), Josh Murphy (guitar, vocals) and Spike Rogers (drums). In 2010 they signed with UK independent record label Lizard King Records and moved to the UK to record their debut album.

After supporting Twin Atlantic, King Charles, Evanescence, Kasabian and Panic! at the Disco, the band released debut mini-album "Another Story High" early 2012 and full-length album "Even the Odd Ones Out" in 2013. Both these releases were recorded by Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott.

Damian Tapley was the guitarist with the band until 2013.

Thank you for the Blackstar Artisan 30. It is literally the best amp I have ever played. A totally brilliant and versatile amp, it is fantastic playing live and recording with it.