Daichi - Nocturnal Bloodlust

About Daichi

Daichi is the guitarist for Nocturnal Bloodlust. The band are a maverick of extreme music, know for their fiery performances. The band have played many festivals over the past few years such as Destrage, Scream Out Fest 2016 with many abroad gigs coming along as well. They have a nationwide tour from September 2016. Formed in 2009, they have produced many albums and EP's over the years. Daichi has been a member since 2013.

I am always blown away by all the different amazing tones you can get with a Blackstar amp. Even for extreme music like Nocturnal Bloodlust, I can easily get that tight bass response from low G tuning 7 string guitar. The four channels of my Blackstar amp head just became the heart of my guitar system. I am so glad that I found the best guitar amp that suits all my needs at last.