B.G Simpson - Anchored

About B.G Simpson

Music, guitars, and the stage will always be in BG's blood, literally. His father Byron Sr. played in various bands in the ‘70s finding moderate success with Exile (I Wanna Kiss you All Over)and also played/toured with many other all-star musicians. Being a baby on tour he was basically born into music. The rest plays out like all the stories. Picking up the guitar at age 9, BG never looked back. While kids were playing outside and doing all the usual adolescent hobbies like sports, his sport was the guitar.

In recent years, BG has continued to write and collaborate with artists such as Alex Band (The Calling) for which he's written some songs for his forthcoming solo album and more recently working with Splender frontman Wayman Boone on various projects on a production level as well as co-writing. It was actually Waymon that introduced him to what would be his next musical journey. His name is Brandan Narrell, a singer from Dallas, Texas who sang for a band that he was very fond of called Advent. Waymon said he's looking to put a band together and that BG would be the perfect fit. Well, one phone call and 8 months later Anchored was born. With a full length album, big budget video and a record deal under thier belts they are ready to ROCK! Everything has seemed to just fall into place with Anchored, and for once BG feels that I he have a career in this business. Not to mention, Brandan and him have a brotherly type of friendship, you know like Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora and it's awesome.

Series One 100 can squeal like a banshee or sing like an angel. It's definitely the most versatile valve amp I've ever used. This will be an integral part of my touring and recording rig for years to come. Thanks Blackstar for making the 'sound in my head'.