Andrea Odendahl

About Andrea Odendahl

I've been playing since I was 14. I attended G.I.T., Hollywood and yes, I can shred. I can also rock like a hurricane. While living in L.A., I played every awesome as well as crappy venue on the Strip. Moved back to Germany. Toured Europe as session guitarist with Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy)'s PAIN, played in Jesus on Extasy (Drakkar/BMG) and with the mighty Mambo Kurt. Did Clinic tour for ESP guitars/Blackstar/Eventide in 2010 in Germany together with Dave Pybus of Cradle of Filth and drummer Anja Assmuth. Endorsed by ESP guitars, Blackstar Amps, and Sound Service.

With its two killer sounding overdrive channels and the additional sound possibilities of the ISF feature, the series one 200 is not only an extremely versatile amp its also pretty f***** loud. or to put it short: it just knows how to rock me.