Anders Nystrom - Bloodbath, Katatonia

About Anders Nystrom

Anders Nyström (born April 22, 1975, in Stockholm), also known as Blakkheim (or formerly Blackheim) is a Swedish guitarist.

Nyström founded the Swedish metal band Katatonia with the singer Jonas Renkse in 1991. Nyström is involved in the songwriting, backing vocals, keyboards, programming, arrangements, art direction and production of Katatonia along with Renkse.

He used to be a member of the metal band Bewitched from 1995–1997 and is still with Jonas Renkse on the death metal project Bloodbath. He has released four albums as the solo black metal act Diabolical Masquerade(1993–2004).

This is the best practice/warm-up amp I've had! Killer fx, a tuner and the full range of sparkling cleans all the way up to chunky heavy distortion. With the big things going on inside this small format I find myself jamming on this combo more than anything else these days. The stereo depth is so huge that I keep looking for a second amp in the room but it ain't there!