Alex Woodcock - Haunts

About Alex Woodcock

Haunts were a band. Not any old band mind you… they were the band in which I used to play, so all associated art work as you can imagine, was a labour of love. A band perpetually on the cusp of greatness needed great artwork, so in the true spirit of rock 'n' roll, each one of the die-cut o-carded, foil blocked super heavy weight coloured gate-fold vinyl’s lost our loving/forgiving label approximately £1.19 per unit. And if that’s not rock 'n' roll then I don't know what is… which is perhaps why we didn't quite hit the big time.

Over the years I conjured up numerous websites, posters and photo shoots as well as 3 sweet 7" Vinyls and an Album which used the lyrics of each song to make typographic pictorial statements of the songs meanings. Haunts were really cool… you probably haven't heard of them.

The Artisan 30 is ridiculous, its bang on the sound we're after...! It's so clear with just the right amount of break up with that vintage sound, but hifi enough to keep a really tight bottom end.