Alex Hills - Greyhaven UK

About Alex Hills

Forming in early 2015, Greyhaven UK wasted no time proving themselves as a formidable and energetic up and coming band, with exciting live performances and music that takes influence from metalcore, stadium rock and elements of pop. With the release of their debut EP "The Flood" in 2015 and the follow up "State of Mind" in 2016, they've seen their fanbase grow hugely and their shows become bigger and better. Support slots with bands such as As Lions,  Idols Of Apathy and Create To Inspire, radio airplay nationwide through stations such as Kerrang! Radio and airtime on TV channels such as Scuzz have seen them become a band to watch for 2017.

The Series One 104EL34 is one of the most diverse amps I've played through. The OD channels are nice and thick yet have a transparency to them that lets you hear every note in a chord even on the highest gain setting, and the clean channel has a nice warm tone that cuts through in a mix but isn't piercing when played by itself, unlike a lot of other amplifiers. Paired with the Series One S1-212 it makes a sound that just can't be beaten. Blackstar have looked after us from day one and we're looking forward to many more years with them.