Adam - Death Cigarettes

About Adam

A mighty explosion of noise, something fast and powerful and vibrantly alive. Within the assault, a strong female voice fiercely declaiming. A whirling, howling maelstrom of non-stop action. 

This was my first exposure to Death Cigarettes and it was love at first sight. I’ve seen literally hundreds of acts – big things, next big things and things that shouldn’t have ever been. Then this band struck me like a bolt of lightning and blew everything else away. 

Some bands play. Some bands perform. Apart from and above them all is Death Cigarettes, who break the third wall between band and audience, who literally and viscerally engage with a crowd, playing with them as a kitten toys with a mouse before sinking its teeth in for the kill. You want to stand about, nursing your pint, texting a friend? Not while this lot are on, matey.

The ISF on the HT-DIST works like i dream. It satisfies the grunge kid and the indie kid in me.