Aaron Dollimore - Underground Heroes

About Aaron Dollimore

Underground Heroes are a Ska/Punk/Indie band from Chatham and founded in 2005. The members are Aaron Dollimore, George Penfold, Jak Miller, Joe Dollimore.

The bands main influences are The Specials, The Clash, The Subways, The Police and The Ramones.

The band called it a day in 2015 and had this to say on their facebook page:

"It's 10 years since we started the Heroes and 3 years since we called it a day. We had nothing but good times and still receive kind messages and tweets. Our music - which is still available - is a reminder to us of what an absolutely incredible time we had. From our first gigs at the Chatham bandstand, to our residency at Ibiza rocks, sharing a stage with Kasabian, and touring Europe. We had a blast. Thanks everyone and HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY (I'm not sure on the actual day) Underground Heroes."

The Artisan 100 is absolutely awesome, Very pure sound, it's amazing. The HT-DUAL pedal is the b*llocks, it complements the amp perfectly. I love it.