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UK Warranty Registration

Online form to register for UK Warranty

Please register for UK Extended Warranty using the form below or by posting your UK Extended Warranty card (if provided in your new product box). Applications must be received within 90 days of purchase.

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UK Warranty Terms and Conditions

To activate your free extended UK warranty by post, simply complete and return the UK Warranty Registration Card supplied with your product to us at: Blackstar Amplification Ltd, Beckett House, 14 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5AW. We must receive your UK Warranty Registration Card or your online application within 90 days of your date of purchase.

What this Warranty covers
Your Blackstar Amplification Ltd warranty covers:

What this Warranty does not cover
Your Blackstar Amplification Ltd warranty does not cover:

Who this Warranty covers
This Warranty shall be applicable when the original sales receipt or the Blackstar Amplification authorised proof of purchase of the Product is presented together with a copy of this UK Warranty Card and the defective Product.

The Warranty period
This Warranty shall cover the following Products and components for a term as set out below:

*The extended warranty period is only applicable if the UK Warranty Registration Card / Online Warranty Registration is completed and received by us within 90 days of your purchase of the Products. If you choose to register using the UK Warranty Registration Card it is entirely your responsibility to return this and we shall not be liable nor do we accept any responsibility whatsoever for the non-receipt by us of this UK Warranty Registration Card. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.

The Warranty Service

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