Blackstar HT-1 Guitar Amplifier

HT-1 Guitar Amplifier and Cabinet

The HT-1 are the perfect studio and practice guitar amps, packing all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning HT-5 valve amp into a 1 Watt format.

The patent-applied-for ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit on the guitar amp gives you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the tone control network and takes you from the USA to the UK and anywhere in between. Add a fully specified speaker emulated output, MP3 / Line Input, plus an 4-16Ω speaker output and you have everything you need for recording or practicing.

Blackstar won the coveted MIPA 'Best Amp Award' at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011. These awards are voted for by 120 leading music magazines from around the world and in this hotly fought category with some other big names, the HT-1 guitar amps won the award.

HT-1 Awards

HT-1 Product Range

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Infinite Shape Feature

The patented ISF control works with the Bass, Middle and Treble controls to give you access to infinite new sound possibilities from the USA to the UK and everywhere in-between. In this way you can design your own sound and truly find the sound in your head.

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Stereo Reverb

On the HT-1R models

The HT-1R models all feature Stereo Reverb. The Reverb control sets the overall level of the reverb effect. With the control fully counter clockwise there will be no reverb. Turning the control clockwise will increase the amount of reverb.

MP3/Line Input

Jam to your favourite song
MP3 / Line Input

A stereo MP3 / Line Input has been added to the HT-1 allowing the user to play a backing track or similar, through the amp while practising / recording.

Emulated Output

Power a 4x12 cabinet
Emulated Output

An 8Ω speaker output which allows you to run the amp into an external speaker cabinet of your choice, making the HT-1 a very practicle choice. The HT-1 can easily drive a 4x12 cabinet if required, however the HT-1 range does include a neat 4x8 cabinet for use with any of the HT-1 amps.