Blackstar HT-408W Extension Speaker Cabinet

HT-408W Overview Image

HT-408W Speaker Cabinet

Custom-liveried version of this award-winning cabinet

Here's an idea. Why not take everything that's cool about the stunning HT-408 cabinet, and dress it in stand-out white livery to really make a statement? The HT-408W makes the perfect partner to either the HT-5RW or the HT-1RW, and is guaranteed to sound as great as it looks!

HT-408W Overview

  • 60W / 8 Ohm 4x8" mono extension cabinet

HT-408W Speaker

HT-408W Speaker

The HT-408W extension cabinet uses 8" Blackbird 15 Speakers

HT-408W Back Panel

HT-408W Back Panel

The HT-408W back panels input and output sockets

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