Blackstar HT-1RHW Head Guitar Amplifier

HT-1RHW Overview Image

HT-1RHW with Reverb

Custom-liveried version of this award-winning amp

The stunning HT-1RHW packs all the valve-powered punch of its standard HT-1RH brother – and dresses it in an ice-cool head that's more than capable of driving a 4x12! Featuring two footswitchable channels, Blackstar's patented ISF control, and a lush digital reverb the HT-1RHW is guaranteed to sound as great as it looks.

HT-1RHW Overview

  • Innovative 1 Watt valve head
  • 1xECC83 and 1xECC82
  • Unique push-pull power amp design
  • Based on award winning HT-5
  • Two channels
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Perfect for studio or practice
  • Speaker emulated output
  • Stereo MP3 / Line input
  • External speaker output
  • Stereo Reverb

HT-1RHW Features Overview

  • HT1
    1 watt, 1xECC83, 1xECC82

    An innovate 1 Watt, 2 channel valve combo that uses 1xECC83 and 1xECC82 valves.

  • ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)

    Our patented ISF control can take you from the USA to the UK and anywhere between in seconds.

  • 2 Channels

    The HT-1RW has two channels available, Clean and Overdrive, which allow you to deliver a clean sound or move to a distorted lead tone.

  • Stereo Reverb

    The HT-1RW has all the same functions as a HT-1 with an added Reverb control.

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