Artisan 30H Guitar Amplifier

Artisan 30H Guitar Amplifier Overview

Artisan 30H Guitar Amplifier

The award winning Artisan 30 head

The award-winning Artisan 30 in a head format. The Artisan 30H takes the magical sonic qualities of the 30W EL84 power stage and distils it to a new level of tonal purity. One channel is built around an EF86 with a 5-way Bass Shape switch and the other an ECC83 with the addition of a Voice control for extra tonal flexibility. The Master Volume delivers the pure, natural crunch that you would expect from an amp of this quality.

Artisan 30H Overview

  • Class A 30W head
  • Switch for 10W triode mode / 30W pentode mode
  • 4 x EL84 output valves
  • EF86 channel with 5-way Bass Shape switch
  • ECC83 channel with 2-way Voice switch and Master Volume
  • Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
  • Impedance selector

Artisan 30H Features Overview

  • Class A 30 watt, 4 xEL84, 1xEF86, 1xECC83

    The Artisan 30 uses the 30W EL84 power stage to produce magical sonic qualites and breathtaking tone.

  • Handwired

    The Artisan range of amplifiers all have a point-to-point handwired tag board construction for quality.

  • 5 way bass switch

    This 5-position switch controls the bass drive into the power amplifier and enables the user to quickly and easily select from a wide palette of tonal options.

  • 10W triode / 30W pentode

    This switch changes the power amplifier from triode mode (10 Watts) to pentode mode (30 Watts).

Darren Smith James Williamson Laurent Bernard Paul Guerin