Artisan 100 Guitar Amplifier

Artisan 100 Overview Image

Artisan 100

Boutique 100W hand-wired amplifier

The Artisan 100 takes the boutique 100W design to a whole new level of flexibility. The Voice control is a timeline which chronicles the evolution of the genre from the earliest American designs through to British designs of the '60s and '70s. This is achieved by switching the preamplifier voicing and power amplifier damping simultaneously.

Artisan 100 Overview

  • 100W head
  • 4 x EL34 output valves
  • 4-way Voice switch charts the timeline of 100W designs
  • Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
  • Impedance selector

Artisan 100 Features Overview

  • Class A 100 watt, 4x EL34, 3 ECC83

    The classic EL34 / 100W design of this amplifier is highly flexible in functionality and tone.

  • Handwired

    The Artisan range of amplifiers all have a point-to-point handwired tag board construction for quality.

  • 4 Way Voice Switch

    The 4 position voice control will take the player on a journey through the evolution of classic guitar amplifier tone.

  • Channel Blending

    The amplifier has both hi and lo inputs for either more break-up and overdrive or to remain clean.

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