Will Foster - The Fratellis

概要 Will Foster

Will Foster is the former keyboardist for the English rock band The Tears. Previously, he played with UK art rock band Delicatessen before forming Lodger - alongside Delicatessen singer Neil Carlill, Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, and Goffey's wife Pearl Lowe.[1]Throughout the late 1990s he was a regular collaborator and live musician with London band The Tin Apes. He still collaborates with their singer Paul Miller in cult act the Miller Test.

After the demise of Lodger, he played guitar and keyboards for Toshack Highway and Sophia, as well as working with Bermudan singer/songwriter Heather Nova.

Since 2008, he has been associated with Jon Fratelli, playing keyboards and guitar with The Fratellis during their 2008/2009 live shows. When the band went on hiatus, he followed Jon Fratelli to his new band Codeine Velvet Club, where he also played keyboards and guitar during their 2009/2010 live shows. When the band disbanded he then played keyboard/piano with Jon's solo band.

The Fratellis eventually reunited during 2012, although he didn't play the initial reunion show with the band he has played every show since. He now takes on a keyboard role, and no longer plays the entire set with the band.

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