Tom Hauser - The Cassidy Scenario

概要 Tom Hauser

Life is changing fast these days and so does the music scene. Being one of the hipsters can be over from one second to another just like creeping around like underdogs can quickly turn into fame and stardom. 

The Cassidy Scenario never gave a fuck. They’ve seen huge stages and packed backstage fridges just like they’ve slept on dirty floors and played in front a handful drunkards. This band is everything and nothing you would a expect from a hardcore band these days. And that’s exactly what defines their thinking, acting and caring. 

The Cassidy Scenario have grown. Musically but also as persons. The band never obeyed genre-boundaries anyway, but with their latest recordings they have finally found their very own style. With the addition of a new vocalist and a more focused and mature songwriting, everything turned darker, grave and depressed. 

Backed by their highly convincing debut album „Withstanding Voracity“ and a relentless ‘on the road’ attitude, The Cassidy Scenario have woken up listeners and lost kids all over the world. 

So here they are, doing the things they want, how the want, not bending, not breaking. The Cassidy Scenario have become manifested in nothing but themselves.

I fell in love with the Artisan 100 head, the Artisan 4x12 cab and the HT-Dist pedal by the first tone - it delivers everything I ever wanted, no matter whether on tour or in the studio.