Tim Neale - Mortad

概要 Tim Neale

MORTAD was formed by Iranian vocalist Somi Arian in December 2009.

Following the release of their first album as a Metal Hammer cover mount in 2012, front woman Somi Arian took two years to reflect on and develop the band's new and unique sound & image by taking influences from her Persian background.

The upcoming Mortad album features collaboration with members from Caliban, Dimmu Borgir, Sentenced & Soilwork, with the talented producer and musical director Benny Richter having overseen the entire process.

After years of single-minded loyality to a specific tone from a specific head, the S1-1046L6 has not only opened my tone through the control ISF gives, but opened my mind too... That with all the technology modern metal requires built discreetly and simply into the design made Blackstar the obvious choice.