Symon Strange - The Dead XIII

概要 Symon Strange

Symon Strange is the guitarist, songwriter & backing vocalist for The Dead XIII. He has always been drawn to Blackstar Amps and used the ID:260TVP on Their first EP creatures of the night.

The quintet have spent the past year spreading their venom throughout the UK, touring with with Aiden, Ashesto Angels, Farewell my Love and Masamune. As well as sharing the stage with Annisokay, Bad Pollyanna, Fearless Vampire Killers, Forever Never and William Control. In 2015 the band headed out on the critically acclaimed The British Horror Story Tour alongside their #NewGrave brothers AshestoAngels and Farewell, My Love. The tour earned the touring party a 5k show review in Kerrang!

The Dead XIII released their long awaited debut Album ‘Catacombs’ on the 10th August 2015. The Album has had great reviews from Kerrang!, Powerplay Magazine, TBFM, with tracks of the Album also being featured on the cover mount cd of Terrorizer Magazine & receiving Kerrang Video Premieres. The album was also named on the ‘Kerrang! Staff’s’ top 10 albums of the year and the single ‘XIII’ on ‘Kerrang! Staff’s’ top 10 singles.

I was blown away by the Series One's ability to offer such versatility, whilst still providing a crushing heavy tone that retains its clarity and note definition at high gain. Blackstar's motto is “The sound in your head”... I couldn't agree more!