Rose Cora Perry - The Truth Untold

概要 Rose Cora Perry

Said to “embody all that we remember being great from the 90s” (AK Music), Rose Cora Perry is the lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist for award-winning alt-rock band, The Truth Untold. The first Canadian female signed onto the Blackstar roster, Perry's vocals have been said to be the "perfect blend of Alanis Morissette and Norah Jones" (Kaotic Notes), while her songwriting is full of "raw viseral power, killer hooks and punch-in-the-gut riffs" (Spill Magazine).

The cleans are deliciously crisp and the distortion roars! For a rhythm player such as myself whose songwriting heavily involves dynamic changes, being able to easily navigate between distinct tonal differences – without the use of multiple pedals – is essential. I adore my Blackstar and can’t imagine playing anything else.