Rich Jones - The Loyalties

概要 Rich Jones

The Loyalties are Tom Spencer // Rich Jones // El Jonez // Rich Rags // SimonMaxwell

Drawing together former members of The Yo-Yos, The Black Halos, and Deadline, The Loyalties formed in 2006 in Soho, London.

 The band released their debut album So Much For Soho in May 2008 & toured with The New York Dolls, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Black Lungs & The Wildhearts. Album #2 came out January 2013.

WOW! The HT-DIST is unbelievable. I ended up with a Pe*vey amp 'cough' so I just dialed it in clean and used the pedal and it sounded amazing! Seriously. I totally love it!