Rich Hiorns - TRC

概要 Rich Hiorns

A London based hardcore band currently signed to Siege Of Amida Records and formerly Thirty Days Of Night Records (also former home to Gallows, Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise and Architects).

TRC were formed in spring 2003 and shortly after their formation they released their much discussed split Demo with fellow new blood band Prowler and instantly became one of the most talked about bands in the London scene the demo is now very hard to find and is also referred to as a joke by the band.

Drawing influences from all over and combining harsh, street influenced Hardcore with strict underground UK Hip Hop and Grime. Their first EP was “North West Kings”. Some comparisons can be made to bands like Krutch, Irate and early E Town Concrete, but despite these comparisons, TRC are considered to have a sound that is strictly their own.

The HT Dual gives me that dirty beefy drive that makes an amazing difference, and it sounds like pure HELL! Sick pedal!