Ric Cardwell - Maverick

概要 Ric Cardwell

Ric Cardwell is the former guitarist in Maverick. He has subsequently parted ways with the band.

In May '13 we released our Debut EP "Talk's Cheap" which received favourable reviews. 
Fast forward to October '13 were we got signed by Massacre Records. The following year in November '14 we released our Debut Album "Quid Pro Quo" worldwide via Massacre Records! It received rave reviews and we went from strength to strength. We started to get noticed.

The quality of "Quid Pro Quo" enabled us to go on a European Tour with the Swedish band The Poodles! We played 15 shows, across 6 countries, in 17 days! Coming back from this tour only increased our desire to be the best of the best!

The Blackstar 1046L6 is so versatile. I really can get any sound I want. It's everything I could ask for in an amp.