Nobba - The Smoking Hearts

概要 Nobba

Nobba is the guitarist for the band The Smoking Hearts.

"Graceful is definitely not a word to describe THE SMOKING HEARTS. Their live Shows have seen guitars smashed and drum kits sprawled across stages and it is not uncommon to find half the band playing in the crowd while singer Ben Mills is in the back of the venue, on the bar or hanging from the rafters, all while coercing the crowd into joining the party. Clocking in at just over the half hour mark, "Victory!" is a celebration. Featuring backing vocals from over 40 of the bands friends "Victory!' is a party of an album, the soundtrack to every good night out. THE SMOKING HEARTS intend on celebrating their victory worldwide."

The Blackstar S1-1046L6 takes the piss it sounds so good. Its everything you love about a Blackstar with extra balls.